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Logistics Pilot The magazine for ports, shipping and logistics

The port and logistics trade journal LOGISTICS PILOT informs readers throughout the world about the efficient services available at Germany’s seaports and their logistics chains in hinterland transport. The magazine highlights the national and international importance of the ports for Germany as a producing and export nation. As providers of logistics services, the German seaports are a key driver for the growth of the German national economy, with each different port contributing its own individual strengths.

Publication dates and contents

The magazine is published every two months (February, April, June, August, October and December) and has a circulation of 5000.
It features articles on the North German port locations and the maritime economy. Each issue focuses on one central theme, dealing with aspects such as “Logistics Story”, “Portrait”, “Sustainability” and “Safety & Security“. It also contains interviews with interesting players in this business.
The LOGISTICS PILOT is available in German as a print version and e-paper and also as a magazine app in German and English.

Design, publisher and partners

Bundling different skills and revealing synergies – the entire international marketing activities of the German coastal regions are bundled under the joint umbrella brand “German Ports”. In addition to joint stands at trade fairs and exhibitions, the publication of this joint trade journal also underlines the holistic brand presentation of the German seaports.
As publisher of the magazine, bremenports aims to strengthen the alliance of German seaports in cooperation with its partners Seaports of Niedersachsen, JadeWeserPort, Bremische Hafenvertretung e.V. and Via Bremen Foundation. The objective is to expand the range of partners to cover the entire coast.

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Issue Twentysix, December 2017 Wheels & Ramps Schwerpunktthema: Ro-ro PDF-File, 6.57 MB Download File
Issue Twentyfive, October 2017 Environment & Rethinking Schwerpunktthema: Green Logistics PDF-File, 4.21 MB Download File
Issue Twentyfour, August 2017 Fresh & Flexible Schwerpunktthema: Agricultural and Food Logistics PDF-File, 4.91 MB Download File
Issue Twentythree, June 2017 Power & Potential Schwerpunktthema: Wind Power PDF-File, 4.85 MB Download File
Issue Twentytwo, April 2017 Combined & Competent Schwerpunktthema: Intermodal PDF-File, 4.37 MB Download File
Issue Twentyone, February 2017 Heavy & Hard to Handle Schwerpunktthema: Breakbulk PDF-File, 4.45 MB Download File
Issue Twenty, December 2016 Running Smoothly Schwerpunktthema: Ro-ro PDF-File, 5.44 MB Download File
Issue Nineteen, October 2016 Good Work Schwerpunktthema: Training & Careers PDF-File, 8.28 MB Download File
Issue Eighteen, August 2016 On Course Schwerpunktthema: Green Logistics PDF-File, 6.40 MB Download File
Issue Seventeen, June 2016 A Whole Lot of Transportation Schwerpunktthema: 50 years of container logistics through Germany´s seaports PDF-File, 6.16 MB Download File
Issue Sixteen, April 2016 Keep On Turning Schwerpunktthema: Offshore Wind Power PDF-File, 5.74 MB Download File
Issue Fifteen, February 2016 Top-quality Goods Schwerpunktthema: Agricultural and food logistics PDF-File, 8.05 MB Download File
Issue Fourteen, December 2015 Running Smoothly Schwerpunktthema: Ro-ro PDF-File, 4.73 MB Download File
Issue Thirteen, October 2015 Good Prospects Schwerpunktthema: Training & Careers PDF-File, 10.78 MB Download File
Issue Twelve, August 2015 Doing Good Schwerpunktthema: Green Logistics PDF-File, 7.79 MB Download File
Issue Eleven, June 2015 Good Energy Schwerpunktthema: Wind Power PDF-File, 7.42 MB Download File
Issue Ten, April 2015 Good Combinations Schwerpunktthema: Intermodal PDF-File, 5.65 MB Download File
Issue Nine, February 2014 Well Loaded Schwerpunktthema: break bulk PDF-File, 6.22 MB Download File
Issue Eight, December 2014 On a Roll Schwerpunktthema: Ro-ro transport under the microscope PDF-File, 6.94 MB Download File
Issue Seven, October 2014 Good Opportunities Schwerpunktthema: The maritime economy secures its expertise PDF-File, 7.33 MB Download File
Issue Six, August 2014 A Breath of Fresh Air Schwerpunktthema: What contribution can the sector make to enviromental protection? PDF-File, 3.36 MB Download File
Issue Five, June 2014 Good Business Prospects Schwerpunktthema: The Chinese Logistics Market: Potential and Trends PDF-File, 16.23 MB Download File
Issue Four, April 2014 Well Loaded Schwerpunktthema: Break Bulk on the Move PDF-File, 6.15 MB Download File
Issue Three, February 2014 Positive Prospects Schwerpunktthema: The potential of offshore wind power in Germany PDF-File, 6.22 MB Download File
Issue Two, December 2013 Well Networked Schwerpunktthema: Hinterland connections under the microscope PDF-File, 10.30 MB Download File
Issue One, October 2013 Bright Prospects Schwerpunktthema: Germany's ports focus on working together PDF-File, 17.03 MB Download File
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