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Alte Weser becomes a paradise for fish Published on 28 January 2020

The port management company bremenports has implemented compensation measures in the villages of Ueterlande and Auf der Jührde to improve the quality of the “Alte Weser” as a habitat for fish and other aquatic creatures.

The Alte Weser, which was a tributary of the Weser until roughly 100 years ago, is meanwhile a shallow body of still water that is linked to the ditch system of the adjacent Dedesdorf marsh and topped up with water from the River Weser in summer.

The compensation measures envisage separating the Alte Weser from the adjacent ditch system in order to prevent the intake of nutrients from the neighbouring agriculturally used areas. A 20-metre wide riparian buffer strip will also be created to the south of the Alte Weser.

To enable the Alte Weser to be isolated from the water management system, a ditch next to the Alte Deichstrasse in Ueterlande will have to be refurbished and dams installed to reverse the flow from the drainage ditches, which currently run vertical to the Alte Weser.

Two dam structures will be installed in lateral feeder ditches to isolate the Alte Weser in the village of Auf der Jührde. In future, drainage will take place through short ditch and pipe sections leading to the existing drainage ditches. An underground pipeline will have to be installed at one point of the L 121 minor road.

Construction work began in October and is scheduled for completion by the middle or end of 2020, depending on the weather.


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