Press release

Bremen University analyses brand image of Bremen’s ports Published on 05 November 2020

Senator Schilling: “We want to enhance the market position of our ports”

Over the next few months, a comprehensive scientific study will examine the brand position of the ports of Bremen. The markstones Institute of Marketing, Branding & Technology at Bremen University will conduct a survey on behalf of bremenports amongst the ports’ present and potential customers on the range of services offered by the ports of Bremen. “Our ports are faced with permanent fierce competition,” says Dr Claudia Schilling, Senator for Science and Ports. “That is why I have asked bremenports to make use of the scientific expertise of our university for this brand analysis, which I expect to deliver reliable findings on how the different port customers rate the service portfolio of the ports of Bremen. This is intended to help us enhance the market position of the ports in Bremen and Bremerhaven.”

“Over the past few years we have successfully developed and expanded our marketing activities for Bremen’s ports together with the various actors in Bremen’s port business,” says Robert Howe, Managing Director of bremenports. “We are confident that the brand study will provide specific ideas for communicating the strengths of Bremen’s ports even more effectively to the different target groups.”

Over the next few months, the markstones Institute, headed by Professor Christoph Burmann, will identify a target market position for the ports in Bremen and Bremerhaven.
The framework for the study will be drawn up on the basis of comprehensive and in-depth interviews with representatives of the port business community and selected customers of the ports of Bremen. The survey will cover aspects such as customer awareness of the services available at the ports in Bremen and Bremerhaven, their reasons for choosing a port, the brand image of the two ports compared with their main competitors, the strengths and weaknesses of the ports in Bremen and Bremerhaven and of their most important competitors, customer satisfaction with the services provided by the ports in Bremen and Bremerhaven, suggestions for improvement and the extent to which customers use and are satisfied with bremenports events and communications. It will also identify which additional services the different target groups would like the port operators to offer. In the next stage, the findings will be substantiated by means of a quantitative online survey conducted amongst present and potential customers of the ports in Bremen and Bremerhaven.

The study findings should be available by the summer of next year and will serve as the basis for recommendations for positioning the ports in Bremen and Bremerhaven, for offering additional services and for improving their communications activities and market development. Senator Schilling states, “My objective is to make the best possible use of these difficult times in order to increase the competitiveness of the ports and make them even more attractive to our customers.”