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Facts & Figures 2018: USA remains the strongest partner for Bremen’s ports Published on 02 August 2019

Comprehensive data now available on cargo throughput at the ports

In Facts & Figures 2018, the Senator for Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports has published comprehensive statistical data on the freight handled at the ports of Bremen. In addition to detailed throughput figures, the publication also includes data on the port infrastructure.
“The figures clearly show that the ports are a key factor for Bremen’s economy and will continue to play an increasingly important role in future. Various projects to refurbish the port infrastructure have already been approved, such as the restoration of Quay 66 or the construction of a new mole in Bremerhaven, and these will reinforce this positive trend over the long term,” commented Jörg Schulz, State Councillor at the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports.

In 2018, a total of 5,448,000 containers crossed the quays at the ports in Bremen and Bremerhaven. As in the preceding year, the statistics clearly reveal that in the containerised freight segment, the United States is by far the most important trade partner for Bremen’s ports. The USA was stated as destination or country of origin for 1,218,000 containers, i.e. more than every fifth container. This is also the highest throughput figure recorded in the history of Bremen’s ports.

Container trade with China, on the other hand, decreased from 720,000 TEU to 606,000 TEU. China was followed by Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Poland and Sweden, although the figures for these countries were significantly lower.

Export continues to dominate the automobile sector at Bremen’s ports: 1,532,535 vehicles were exported from Germany, compared with 676,620 vehicle imports. A positive aspect is that the import figure has continued to rise steadily since the slump in 2013 (426,702 vehicles).

In recent years, cruise shipping has delivered highly satisfactory performance: in 2018, the number of passengers reached a new record figure of 238,213, i.e. an increase of approx. 73,000 passengers compared with 2017. There was also a sharp rise in the number of cruise ships calling at Bremerhaven: last year, 109 vessels arrived at the cruise terminal at Columbuskaje.

“The boom in cruise shipping shows the development potential of this segment for Bremerhaven,” said Robert Howe, Managing Director of bremenports “One of our key tasks for the coming years will be to add a modern new annexe to the cruise terminal to make it fit for the future,” added Howe.

An analysis of the inland shipping figures also provides interesting details. The number of barges arriving and departing from Bremen and Bremerhaven increased from 7700 to 8300. Last year, Bremen was the dominant player in this sector, handling more than 6000 vessels.

Click here to download “Facts & Figures 2018. The Ports of Bremen/Bremerhaven”.

(Press release from the Senator for Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports)

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