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Service facilities in Bremen Bremen’s port railway

The service facilities available in Bremen are Bremen Grolland station and the industrial through track which serves the freight village, as well as Bremen Inlandshafen and Hemelingen stations.

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Bremen Grolland station / industrial through track to freight village

Bremen Grolland serves as a train formation facility for the adjacent Neustädter Hafen (transhipment terminal of BLG Group, used primarily for break bulk) and the industrial through track to the freight village and intermodal terminal of Roland Umschlaggesellschaft.

The railway infrastructure involves a total length of approx. 32 km tracks at Grolland station have (of which approx. 8 km electrified) and approx. 11 km on the industrial through track to the freight village. The arrival and departure tracks are electrified, and the departure tracks of the train formation facility have a brake testing system.



Bremen Inlandshafen station

The Industriehäfen and Überseestadt districts in the city of Bremen are home to a large number of trading and transhipment companies as well as industrial manufacturers, all of whom rely on good land and water transport services. Rail-bound hinterland transport is particularly diverse here, carrying containers, break bulk and bulk freight.

The most important firms with private sidings at Bremen Inlandshafen station include:

  • Bremer Rolandmühle Erling GmbH & Co KG
  • Griepe Container GmbH
  • Hansakai Umschlagbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG
  • HGM Energy GmbH
  • TSR Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
  • Weserport GmbH

Various maritime business enterprises have set up an association called Initiative Stadtbremische Häfen e.V. (ISH) to promote the ports in the city of Bremen. The ISH member list provides further details.

The rail infrastructure at Bremen Inlandshafen station covers approx. 61 km of railway tracks and include various shunting sidings and a comprehensive network of feeder tracks. The arrival and departure sidings and other connecting shunting tracks (total length of approx. 11 km) are electrified and the station also has a weighbridge.



Hemelingen industrial through track

Hemelingen industrial through track includes the infrastructure at the inland ports Werrahafen and Fuldahafen (which handle bulk goods) and in the neighbouring industrial park Hansalinie Bremen. The through track is linked up to the DB Netz tracks at Bremen Hemelingen station and has a track length of approx. 6 km.




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