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Mobile work and new career portal Published on 22 March 2021

Howe: bremenports plans to enhance its image as attractive employer

A new agreement between the management and works council of the port management company bremenports has set a new course for modern and innovative work organisation at bremenports. The agreement stipulates that as a general rule, employees can now perform 40 per cent of their working hours as home office or mobile work. The agreement will enter into force as soon as the present exceptional regulations resulting from the Coronavirus can be revoked.

“This is a huge step forwards in achieving the smooth transition to a modern and flexible style of work organisation after the end of the Coronavirus pandemic,” stated bremenports Managing Director Robert Howe. ”We have come up with solutions which will in future allow us to reap the benefits of working from home without jeopardising the organisational or social cohesion at the company.”

Until now, teleworking was approved only if the employee satisfied certain conditions, such as looking after young children or caring for close relatives. In future, all employees will be entitled to claim their right to mobile or telework, with the exception of those jobs whose nature means they cannot be performed as mobile work.

Howe pointed out that in view of demographic change and the constantly growing tasks performed by the company, it will be necessary to recruit new employees for a large number of jobs in future. “Because of its comprehensive remit, bremenports is an employer that has to handle a wide range of specialist tasks.” Highly qualified employees repeatedly have to be found to fill job vacancies. Howe added, “That is why it is important to enhance our image as an attractive employer.”

The company has therefore drawn up a comprehensive scheme to reposition bremenports’ employer branding. The first step was to create a new career portal featuring short video clips in which employees present the wide variety of jobs and explain their personal commitment to the company.

The staff perks available at bremenports are another key element. “We offer a large variety of individual working time models that take into account the employees’ family and social commitments. The company also subsidises a range of sports and health amenities. These are aspects that we plan to highlight even more strongly in future.”
You can find the bremenports career portal at www.karriere.bremenports.de