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Neuer Hafen to be deepend in time for Sail Published on 03 March 2020

Neuer Hafen to be deepened in time for Sail

Bucket dredger “Bremerhaven” in action

This Monday (2 March 2020), dredging will begin in Neuer Hafen in preparation for Sail. Over the next five weeks, approx. 15,000 m³ mud will be removed and taken by hopper barge to the dredging spoils treatment facility in Bremen-Seehausen, where it will remain on the dewatering fields for around one year before it is deposited on the landfill site.

bremenports is handling the dredging work on behalf of ‘bean’, the company responsible for development of the Old and New Harbours in Bremerhaven. Dredging is necessary to obtain the required water depths of seven metres for the tall ships that will call at Bremerhaven in August. The work is performed using the bucket dredger ‘Bremerhaven’ and five hopper barges belonging to the port construction company. A water injection vessel will also be used to ensure the necessary depths around the perimeter of the harbour basin.

The work at Neuer Hafen will be carried out between 8 am and 3 pm on weekdays over the next few weeks.


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