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Ports of Bremen Task Force Published on 27 March 2020

Ports of Bremen Task Force: Senator Schilling assures port and logistics businesses of her support

The “Ports of Bremen” Task Force set up by Dr Claudia Schilling, Senator for Science and Ports, convened for the first time via telephone conference yesterday (25 March.2020). The Senator promised every support for the port and logistics business during the coronavirus crisis.

Schilling stated, “The ports of Bremen are the driving force behind Bremen’s economy. Every fifth job is dependent on the ports. What’s more, the port and logistics business plays a central role in the supply chains and consequently for ensuring supplies to industry and to the population of Bremen and the whole of Germany. The current crisis has highlighted the national significance of our ports and the port business.”

In the course of the Task Force meeting, it was confirmed that the ports of Bremen will remain fully functioning and efficient even in this unique emergency situation. There are absolutely no restrictions with regard to the availability of infrastructure or of the public tasks and port services that are necessary for cargo handling or for carriage of the goods to and from the ports on road, rail and inland waterway. The ports of Bremen thus underline their systemic importance for the ability of the entire German and European national economies to function properly.

In the interests of alleviating the crisis, the Senator for Science and Ports plans to offer the option of suspending rental and lease payments and ground rents. Schilling added, “By offering the option of deferred payment, we hope to relieve the financial strain on our business enterprises. At the same time, the German federal and state governments are preparing aid programmes which will deliver highly individual solutions for the differing requirements of the businesses in these difficult times. We want to proactively help the companies in Bremen’s port and logistics sector to claim the available aids and we will ensure that we do so.”

Another measure to support this sector could be to adjust the port charges in order to generate more cargo throughput for the ports of Bremen. Schilling explained, “It is not just a question of alleviating the financial effects of the crises at the ports, but also of providing a basis for generating new growth after the crisis has passed. Our objective is to ensure that Bremen’s port and logistics business is up and running again as soon as possible and not permanently dependent on aid programmes. We want to communicate to the shipowners that Bremen’s ports are playing their part to promote the development of global trade.”

The Task Force, which includes representatives of the port and logistics business in the Federal Land of Bremen as well as representatives of regional and national associations, will continue to share information and ideas at regular intervals in future.

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