Current ship positions

Ships in Port

Location of all ships and their berths in the ports of Bremen

This map shows all the ships which are currently in port in Bremen and Bremerhaven and their positions in the harbours. Please note that this map is only updated every 60 minutes. You can use the search function to look for a specific ship by name.

Schiff finden:
AASTIND Port of origin:CUXHAVEN BerthHüttenhafen West, Terminal 1
AIDAAURA Port of origin:KIRKWALL BerthColumbuskaje, CCC
AILA Port of origin:GDYNIA BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
ANNABA Port of origin:STOCKHOLM BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
AUTOPROGRESS Port of origin:WALLHAMN BerthKaiserhafen II, Ostseite, Platz E, Rampe
BBC PEARL Port of origin:RAAHE BerthKaiserhafen III, Alte Bananenpier
BBC TOPAZ Port of origin:MOERDIJK BerthKaiserhafen I, GDD Dock 5
BRAVENES Port of origin:STAVANGER BerthKaiserhafen I, Bredo Kaje
CALISTO Port of origin:RIGA BerthStromkaje, NTB
CONMAR GULF Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
DELPHIS GDANSK Port of origin:GDANSK BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
DRIVE GREEN HIGHWAY Port of origin:ZEEBRÜGGE BerthNordhafen, Nordhafen
EBBA 2 Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthKaiserhafen, Kaiserhafen
EEMS COBALT Port of origin:HELLVIK BerthHüttenhafen Ost, Terminal 2
ELBSTAR Port of origin:HELSINKI BerthStromkaje, NTB
EM KEA Port of origin:MONTREAL BerthStromkaje, NTB
FEHN CALYPSO Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthHüttenhafen West, Terminal 1
HEROIC ACE Port of origin:EMDEN BerthOsthafen, Autokaje 2
HOEGH TRIGGER Port of origin:SOUTHAMPTON BerthNordhafen Ost, Nordhafen Ost
ILKA Port of origin:HUSUM BerthFreiladeplatz F/G, Freiladeplatz F/G, SSG Meyer
JAN Port of origin:GÖTEBORG BerthStromkaje, NTB
JANA Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthKaiserhafen, UTG Tanklager
JUDITH Port of origin:KALUNDBORG BerthStromkaje, NTB
LASCOMBES Port of origin:AMSTERDAM BerthLloyd-Werft, Lloyd-Werft
LOTUS A Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
MAERSK ESSEN Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthStromkaje, NTB
MARIT MAERSK Port of origin:GDANSK BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
MEIN SCHIFF 3 Port of origin:SOUTHAMPTON BerthColumbuskaje, CCC
MIMITSU Port of origin:GHENT BerthHafen E West, TSR Recycling
MITO Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, NTB
MORNING PILOT Port of origin:KOPENHAGEN BerthOsthafen, Autokaje 1
MSC CATERINA Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
MUNKSUND Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthStromkaje, NTB
NABUCCO Port of origin:ZEEBRUGGE BerthWeserportkaje, Weserportkaje
NEULAND Port of origin:LIEPAJA BerthGetreideanlage, Getreideanlage
POLARSTERN Port of origin:GRÖNLAND BerthKaiserhafen III, Alte Bananenpier
SANDNES Port of origin:NORDENHAM BerthKohlenhafen, MIBAU
SC MONTREUX Port of origin:LONDON BerthStromkaje, NTB
SIDER OLYMPIA Port of origin:UDDEVALLA BerthHüttenhafen West, Terminal 1
SONDERBORG Port of origin:KLAIPEDA BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
TREASURE Port of origin:BRUNSWICK BerthOsthafen, Autokaje 2
VISSEL Port of origin:BREMEN BerthBredo, Bredo Dock 3
VOLGA MAERSK Port of origin:WILHELMSHAVEN BerthStromkaje, NTB
WILSON SKY Port of origin:SAN CIPRIAN BerthKalihafen, Terminal 4