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Location of all ships and their berths in the ports of Bremen

This map shows all the ships which are currently in port in Bremen and Bremerhaven and their positions in the harbours. Please note that this map is only updated every 60 minutes. You can use the search function to look for a specific ship by name.

Schiff finden:
ALLEGRO Port of origin:HELSINGBORG BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
AMADEUS Port of origin:HALSVIK BerthHüttenhafen West, Terminal 1
ARC INDEPENDENCE Port of origin:ANTWERPEN BerthOsthafen, Autokaje 2
AS CAMELLIA Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthStromkaje, NTB
BBC EDGE Port of origin:GDYNIA BerthBredo, Bredo Dock 4
BILLESBORG Port of origin:ANTWERPEN BerthNeustädter Hafen Ost, Schuppen 21
BONTRUP PEARL Port of origin:JELSA BerthKohlenhafen, MIBAU
BRIGITTE F Port of origin:NYKÖBING Berth, Nordpier
COSCO PHILIPPINES Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
CYGNUS Port of origin:VLISSINGEN BerthNeustädter Hafen Ost, Schuppen 23
DONG-A GLAUCOS Port of origin:ZEEBRÜGGE BerthKaiserhafen II, Ostseite, Platz E
DONINGTON Port of origin:SOUTHAMPTON BerthNordhafen Ost, Nordhafen Ost
DRIVE GREEN HIGHWAY Port of origin:ZEEBRÜGGE BerthWeserportkaje, Weserportkaje
ELLY MAERSK Port of origin:ZEEBRUGGE BerthStromkaje, NTB
FINJA Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthKaiserhafen, UTG Tanklager
GRANDE NEW YORK Port of origin:VLISSINGEN BerthNordhafen West, Nordhafen West
HAMBURG PEARL Port of origin:BALBOA BerthOsterort Stromkaje, Terminal 3
HEINRICH EHLER Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, NTB
HOEGH TRAVELLER Port of origin:IJMUIDEN BerthOsthafen, Autokaje 2
JUDITH Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
KREBS HELIOS Port of origin:ROSTOCK BerthFischereihafen, Fischereihafen
LASCOMBES Port of origin:AMSTERDAM BerthFreiladeplatz F/G, Freiladeplatz F/G, SSG Meyer
MAERSK VIGO Port of origin:ZEEBRÜGGE BerthStromkaje, NTB
MARIBO MAERSK Port of origin:GÖTEBORG BerthStromkaje, NTB
MASTERY D Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, Stromkaje
MITO Port of origin:BREVIK BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
ML FREYJA Port of origin:TURKU BerthWeserportkaje, Weserportkaje
MOGENS MAERSK Port of origin:GDANSK BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
MORNING CATHERINE Port of origin:NASSAU BerthOsthafen, Autokaje 1
MSC DAISY Port of origin:GÖTEBORG BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
MSC GEORGIA II Port of origin:WILHELMSHAVEN BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
MSM DOLORES Port of origin:DORDRECHT BerthFischereihafen II, Siegholdpier, Heise
POLARSTERN Port of origin:LAS PALMAS BerthKaiserhafen III, Rickmers-Lloyd-Platz
REGINE Port of origin:DUNDEE BerthKaiserhafen III, Alte Bananenpier
SANTA TERESA Port of origin:LONDON BerthStromkaje, NTB
SEAMAX GREENWICH Port of origin:LE HAVRE BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
SELENE PRAHM Port of origin:YSTAD BerthHolzhafen Nord, Rolandmühle
SIDER ATLANTIC Port of origin:IMMINGHAM BerthHüttenhafen West, Terminal 1
SPARFELL Port of origin:AMSTERDAM BerthKaiserdock I, Lloyd-Werft Kaiserdock I
SPAUWER Port of origin:AARHUS BerthColumbuskaje, Columbuskaje
TALISMAN Port of origin:BALTIMORE BerthColumbuskaje, Columbuskaje
TITANIA Port of origin:ZEEBRÜGGE BerthNordhafen Ost, Nordhafen Ost
VENTA MAERSK Port of origin:WILHELMSHAVEN BerthStromkaje, NTB
VISSEL Port of origin:BRUNSBÜTTEL BerthLabradorhafen, Hoyer Tanklager
WESER STAHL Port of origin:DÜNKIRCHEN BerthOsterort Stromkaje, Terminal 3
WILSON NEWPORT Port of origin:VERDAL BerthHüttenhafen West, Terminal 1
WULF 4 Port of origin:WILHELMSHAVEN BerthLabradorkaje, Labradorkaje