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Location of all ships and their berths in the ports of Bremen

This map shows all the ships which are currently in port in Bremen and Bremerhaven and their positions in the harbours. Please note that this map is only updated every 60 minutes. You can use the search function to look for a specific ship by name.

Schiff finden:
AFRICAN TOUCAN Port of origin:BRUNSBÜTTEL BerthHolzhafen Nord, J.Müller Bremen
ALANA EVITA Port of origin:GALWAY BerthKalihafen, Terminal 4
ALEXANDER B Port of origin:WILHELMSHAVEN BerthLabradorkaje, Labradorkaje
AM BREMEN Port of origin:NARVIK BerthOsterort Stromkaje, Terminal 3
ANITA HAGEDORN Port of origin:CUXHAVEN BerthVegesack, Muehlhan-Vegesack
ARA HAMBURG Port of origin:KEMI BerthNeustädter Hafen West, Schuppen 22
AS PALINA Port of origin:ANTWERPEN BerthStromkaje, NTB
AUTO ENERGY Port of origin:ZEEBRUGGE BerthOsthafen, Autokaje 1
BIANCA RAMBOW Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
BREMEN FIGHTER Port of origin:DELFZIJL BerthFischereihafen II, Westseite
COSCO VIETNAM Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
EDITH MAERSK Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthStromkaje, NTB
EEMSLIFT HENDRIKA Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthLabradorkaje, Labradorkaje
ELBFEEDER Port of origin:ANTWERPEN BerthBredo, Bredo
ELBTRADER Port of origin:SOUTHAMPTON BerthBredo, Bredo
EXPANSA Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, NTB
FINJA Port of origin:BRUNSBÜTTEL BerthLabradorhafen, Hoyer Tanklager
FORMIDABLE Port of origin:ROSTOCK BerthBredo, Bredo
G POSEIDON Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthOsthafen, Autokaje 2
HEINRICH EHLER Port of origin:KOTKA BerthStromkaje, NTB
HELUAN Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
HUNGARY Port of origin:LONDON BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
IDA RAMBOW Port of origin:LARVIK BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
IONA Port of origin:BREMERHAVEN BerthColumbuskaje, Columbuskaje - Portco
ISTRIAN EXPRESS Port of origin:GDANSK BerthStromkaje, NTB
KALLIO Port of origin:BILBAO BerthHüttenhafen West, Terminal 1
KATHARINA SCHEPERS Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthKaiserhafen, GDD
KATHERINE BORCHARD Port of origin:LIVERPOOL BerthKaiserhafen, GDD
LEO C Port of origin:LE HAVRE BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
LEV TAIFUN Port of origin:OWF DEUTSCHE BUCHT BerthFischereihafen, Fischereihafen
LOUIS Port of origin:EMDEN BerthNeustädter Hafen West, Schuppen 22-24 Verb.
MEDWAY Port of origin:WESERREVIER BAGGERN BerthColumbuskaje, Columbuskaje
MSC RAPALLO Port of origin:ANTWERPEN BerthStromkaje, NTB
MSC REEF Port of origin:ALGECIRAS BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
MSC ZLATA R. Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
NIDA Port of origin:KOLLAFJORDUR BerthBredo, Bredo Dock 3
NORDLICHT Port of origin:LEMWERDER BerthFischereihafen II, Islandpier
ORCANA Port of origin:LIEPAYA BerthGetreideanlage, Getreideanlage
OSTBORG Port of origin:LOMONOSOV BerthLabradorhafen, Cordes
PEGASUS Port of origin:GDYNIA BerthStromkaje, NTB
PRT ACE Port of origin:NARVIK BerthOsterort Stromkaje, Terminal 3
REM INSPECTOR Port of origin:VLISSINGEN BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
SAMSKIP COMMANDER Port of origin:EGERSUND BerthStromkaje, NTB
SANTORINI Port of origin:ABIDJAN BerthFreiladeplatz F/G, Freiladeplatz F/G, SSG Meyer
SEYCHELLES PRELUDE Port of origin:PRIMORSK BerthKalihafen, Weserpetrol-Kalihafen
SONDERBORG Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
SSI RELIANCE Port of origin:JORF LASFAR BerthHafen E West, TSR Recycling
SVEALAND Port of origin:SILLAMAE BerthHüttenhafen Ost, Terminal 2
SVITZER HEIMDAL Port of origin:ASSENS BerthSchlepperponton, Schlepperponton
THERMOPYLAE Port of origin:ZEEBRUGGE BerthKaiserhafen III, Ostseite, Platz C
THUN GARLAND Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthHüttenhafen Ost, HGM Tanklager
TORONTO Port of origin:MALMÖ BerthNordhafen Ost, Nordhafen Ost
VICTORY LEADER Port of origin:ZEEBRÜGGE BerthNordhafen West, Nordhafen West
VORONEZH Port of origin:GDANSK BerthStromkaje, NTB