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Location of all ships and their berths in the ports of Bremen

This map shows all the ships which are currently in port in Bremen and Bremerhaven and their positions in the harbours. Please note that this map is only updated every 60 minutes. You can use the search function to look for a specific ship by name.

Schiff finden:
AKACIA Port of origin:ST.PETERSBURG BerthStromkaje, NTB
ALINA Port of origin:SAN JUAN BerthBredo, Bredo
ALP ACE Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthBredo, Bredo Dock 3
AUTOPRESTIGE Port of origin:OSLO BerthKaiserhafen II, Ostseite, Platz E, Rampe
BAL BOAN Port of origin:HELSINKI BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
BALTIC TERN Port of origin:KOTKA BerthStromkaje, NTB
BARBAROSSA Port of origin:RAUMA BerthGetreideanlage, Getreideanlage
BUGSIER 30 Port of origin:LANGSTEN BerthKaiserhafen I, Westseite, Schuchmann
DANUBE HIGHWAY Port of origin:UUSIKAUPUNKI BerthWeserportkaje, Weserportkaje
DONG A METIS Port of origin:SOUTHAMPTON BerthOsthafen, Autokaje 2
DONINGTON Port of origin:BRHV./TN.WESER BerthOsthafen, Autokaje 1
DONIZETTI Port of origin:STADE BerthKaiserhafen, GDD
ELBTRADER Port of origin:SOUTHAMPTON BerthBredo, Bredo
ELKE Port of origin:AARHUS BerthStromkaje, NTB
ERIK Port of origin:VLISSINGEN BerthNeustädter Hafen West, Schuppen 22
FAIRPLAY 33 Port of origin:SOVIK BerthKaiserhafen I, Westseite, Schuchmann
FINJA Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthSchleusenhafen, Westseite, Glüsing-Tanklager 2
FITNES Port of origin:WILHELMSHAVEN BerthDockvorhafen, Lloyd-Werft Reparaturpier
FORMIDABLE Port of origin:ROSTOCK BerthBredo, Bredo
FORTUNE TRADER Port of origin:BRAKE BerthColumbuskaje, Columbuskaje
FRISIANA Port of origin:KOTKA BerthKalihafen, Terminal 4
FUGRO MERIDIAN Port of origin:FLORÖ BerthKaiserhafen, GDD
GERDA MARIA Port of origin:FANGGRÜNDE BerthLabradorhafen, Doggerbank
GOLDEN BAY Port of origin:AALBORG BerthFischereihafen II, Siegholdpier, Heise
GRAND VICTORY Port of origin:BRHV./TN.WESER BerthOsthafen, Autokaje 2
IDA RAMBOW Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
JOANNA Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
KALLIO Port of origin:LULEA BerthOsterort Stromkaje, Terminal 3
KATHARINA SCHEPERS Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, NTB
KORNETT Port of origin:HAMBURG BerthStromkaje, NTB
KUMPULA Port of origin:KOKKOLA BerthOsterort Stromkaje, Terminal 3
LADY HANNEKE Port of origin:ARCHANGELSK BerthNeustädter Hafen West, Schuppen 22-24 Verb.
LEV TAIFUN Port of origin:WINDPARK BerthFischereihafen, Fischereihafen
LOWLANDS HOPE Port of origin:BUCHANAN BerthOsterort Stromkaje, Terminal 3
MAERSK ENPING Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthStromkaje, NTB
MAERSK NIMES Port of origin:ST.PETERSBURG BerthStromkaje, Eurogate
MAERSK NITEROI Port of origin:PORTSMOUTH BerthStromkaje, NTB
MAREN MAERSK Port of origin:AARHUS BerthStromkaje, NTB
MEDWAY Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthColumbuskaje, Columbuskaje
MORNING LINDA Port of origin:ANTWERPEN BerthKaiserhafen II, Ostseite, Platz E
MSC ARINA Port of origin:ALGECIRAS BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
MSC MIRJA Port of origin:ROTTERDAM BerthStromkaje, NTB
MSC SAO PAULO Port of origin:FELIXSTOWE BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
NIDA Port of origin:KOLLAFJORDUR BerthLabradorhafen, Doggerbank
NOCC ATLANTIC Port of origin:ANTWERPEN BerthOsthafen, Autokaje 1
NORDSCHELDE Port of origin:BREMERHAVEN BerthKap Horn Weser, Kap Horn Weser
NORDTAJO Port of origin:MURMANSK BerthHüttenhafen West, Terminal 1
OBERON Port of origin:ZEEBRÜGGE BerthFreiladeplatz F/G, Freiladeplatz F/G, SSG Meyer
OELAND Port of origin:SKAGEN BerthColumbuskaje, CCC
PEAK BREMEN Port of origin:AVEIRO BerthNeustädter Hafen West, Schuppen 22
PRETTY LAMB Port of origin:TEESPORT BerthHüttenhafen West, Terminal 1
SANTA PRINCESA Port of origin:HAMMERFEST BerthFischereihafen, Fischereihafen
SM TACOMA Port of origin:NEW YORK BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate
VICTORIA Port of origin:RIGA BerthStromkaje, MSC-Gate