bremenports Autoterminal
2.1 million converted vehicles

Bremerhaven First-class automobile terminal

With a throughput of more than 2 million vehicles per annum, the ports of Bremen are firmly established as one of the largest automobile hubs in the world. To cope with these freight volumes, Bremerhaven has highly efficient facilities at Kaiserhäfen, Nordhafen and Osthafen as well as gigantic operating sites immediately beside these harbours: the total area of 2.4 million square metres can accommodate around 95,000 cars, including covered storage for 50,000.

Triple benefits: Logistics, produktion, service

Bremerhaven is immensely important for the international automotive industry. Numerous specialists at the terminal attend to the transport and transhipment of the new vehicles and ensure the reliable supply of assemblies and components to the production plants. What’s more, our technical centres – the “biggest repair shop in Europe” – deal with more than 230,000 vehicles every year, handling inspections, retrofits and finishing.

Pioneering: Transhipment and High & Heavy

Bremerhaven is a major transhipment port. Although countless vehicles arrive here by sea and are transhipped to feeder vessels for onward transport, export plays by far the dominant role, accounting for a share of around 80 per cent. Particularly heavy vehicles such as rail freight wagons, special machinery or ro-ro trailers that are preloaded at the terminal are all handled in the “High & Heavy” sector.

Attractive Location – important employer

The Bremen/Bremerhaven group of ports is one of the most efficient logistics centres in Europe. The twin ports fulfil vital tasks for Germany’s business and export activities. They also play a significant role for the labour market: the port business directly or indirectly safeguards the jobs of more than 77,000 people, equivalent to roughly 20 per cent of the total jobs in the Federal Land of Bremen.

  • Europe’s second-largest terminal for automobile transhipment
  • Annual throughput: 2.1 million vehicles (2016), 80 per cent of which for export = roughly one third of the total German automobile production
  • 18 berths for car carriers (quay length: 3 kilometres)
  • 1400 inbound car carriers per annum
Automobile hub and global player

Bremerhaven is one of the largest automobile hubs anywhere in the world.

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