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The bulk of our business Bulk cargo handling

The ports in Bremen-City Specialists for bulk cargoes

The ports in the city of Bremen tranship, store and process a wide range of bulk cargoes. Bulk cargo refers to goods which are transported in large quantities without packaging. This can be either liquid bulk (such as refined petroleum products) or dry bulk cargoes (such as ores, coal, grain and feedstuffs).

Various terminals which specialise in bulk cargoes as well as extensive storage areas are available at several port sites in the city of Bremen. From conveyor belts, grabs, cranes, bunker hopper gantry cranes to special discharge terminals – diverse specialist facilities, modern equipment, expertise and professional handling are the strengths of this location.

Industriehafen – coal and Petroleum transhipment centre

Alongside the Holz- und Fabrikenhafen, which is the main centre for handling grain, feedstuffs, coffee and fish meal, Bremen’s Industriehafen is a classic transhipment location for bulk goods. Every year, more than 600 seagoing vessels call at the port behind the lock in Oslebshausen. The facilities on the right bank of the Weser handle iron ore, coal, building materials and refined petroleum products, with scrap and waste materials completing the portfolio.

Bremen-City profits from growth in bulk cargos

Bulk cargo accounts for one seventh of total cargo throughput. This high figure shows that Bremen’s ports cannot be reduced merely to the role of a container and automobile logistics location. In 2016, the terminals handled 10.1 million tons of bulk cargo. The medium-sized enterprises that specialise in this business enjoy an international reputation – and this, in turn, benefits Bremen as a port location.

Attractive Location – important employer

The Bremen/Bremerhaven group of ports is one of the most efficient logistics centres in Europe. The twin ports fulfil vital tasks for Germany’s business and export activities. They also play a significant role for the labour market: the port business directly or indirectly safeguards the jobs of more than 77,000 people, equivalent to roughly 20 per cent of the total jobs in the Federal Land of Bremen.

Bulk cargo

Bremen’s city ports are specialists. Learn more about the ports of Bremen.

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