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Rolling on board Ro-ro cargo

Bremerhaven Ro-ro terminal Transhipment centre for rolling cargo

From cranes, trucks and tractors to agricultural and construction machinery, the high-performance ro-ro terminal in Bremerhaven offers countless services for the handling and intermediate storage of rolling or self-propelled goods. Roll-on/roll-off – or ro-ro – refers to the loading of movable cargo which is then carried across the seven seas on special-purpose vessels. The transport of goods on ro-ro vessels plays an increasingly central role in the maritime shipping business and Bremerhaven is one of the leading transhipment centres in Europe for rolling cargo, handling an annual ocean freight quantity of approx. 1.2 million tons.

Safe and fast transhipment of even the heaviest parts

The location on the mouth of the Weser is one of the leading transhipment terminals for global ro-ro transports. The multifunctional handling facilities can offer premium conditions for the professional handling of even the largest specialist ro-ro vessels: an extensive operating area of approx. 340,000 square metres, modern equipment for the safe and fast transhipment of exceptionally heavy parts weighing up to 21,000 tons, state-of-the-art IT and good traffic connections to the European hinterland.

High & Heavy – terminal for Special heavyweights

Self-propelled heavy-lift cargoes require special handling: high-powered tractor units, strict compliance with specific load securing regulations and skilled workers who have been specially trained by the manufacturer all ensure that the terminal satisfies the stringent quality and safety standards in the high & heavy sector.

Attractive Location – important employer

The Bremen/Bremerhaven group of ports is one of the most efficient logistics centres in Europe. The twin ports fulfil vital tasks for Germany’s business and export activities. They also play a significant role for the labour market: the port business directly or indirectly safeguards the jobs of more than 77,000 people, equivalent to roughly 20 per cent of the total jobs in the Federal Land of Bremen.

Facts 2019
  • Terminal with shifting approximately 1.2 million tons in this area
  • Central MAFI packing station for the largest ro-ro shipowners in the world
  • 340,000 m² (20,000 m² of which is covered) close to the quayside with state-of-the-art handling equipment

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