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Strong partners – live and local Published on 27 September 2021

The ports of Bremen pay a visit to Stuttgart

The Coronavirus pandemic, the challenges of the climate crisis and the investment campaign at the ports of Bremen: these three topics led to a lively discussion in Stuttgart on Thursday evening. After a break of almost two years, the ports of Bremen paid a visit to the hinterland once again. The port management company bremenports had issued invitations to the event which was attended by around 60 participants from in and around Stuttgart.

Baden-Württemberg has traditionally always been a strong hinterland for the ports of Bremen. At the same time, however, competition from the western ports is particularly fierce in this region. One of the panellists from Stuttgart accordingly emphasised the great importance of rail connections. In view of the challenges posed by climate change, this was also a particularly convincing argument in favour of Bremen and Bremerhaven.

In the course of the discussion Sven Riekers, Managing Director of BLG Cargo, stated that the ports were currently achieving enormous growth in terms of cargo volumes, resulting amongst other things from changing consumer behaviour owing to the pandemic. He added that the inevitable effects of climate change would also have severe but as yet unpredictable impact on global trade.

bremenports spokesperson Holger Bruns stressed that the ports of Bremen are planning to be climate-neutral by the year 2030. Immense investments in both the public and private sectors would be required to achieve that target. He pointed out that these endeavours were unlikely to succeed without stronger commitment on the part of the federal government.

In a video message at the start of the discussion, Dr Claudia Schilling, Bremen’s Senator for Ports, welcomed the guests to the Logistic Talks in Stuttgart: “We share the same passion for a strong economy,” said the Senator. “The ports of Bremen are the ideal partner for your innovative business enterprises.” This year, bremenports will host further events on behalf of the ports of Bremen in Graz, Vienna, Haiger and Leipzig.

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