greenports current sustainability measures of the ports of Bremen

28 May 2015

Robert Howe, bremenports: European ports have to be more active in supporting climate protection

At a conference of the European seaport organization ESPO in Athens, bremer's managing director Robert Howe has encouraged the ports to work even harder for climate protection ...

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30 December 2014

NTB takes delivery of new generation Van Carriers

NOx emission reduced by 50 % Particulate reduced by 90%. Today, North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven takes delivery of yet another Van Carrier out of the new generation from TEREX ...

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02 September 2014

Award for M/V ‘Morning Linda’

Award for EUKOR Car Carriers: "Morning Linda" was the most eco-friendly seagoing vessel to call at the ports of Bremen/Bremerhaven in 2013 ...

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