01 December 2020

Bremen and Bremerhaven are the largest German seaports with environmental certification

Ports Senator Dr Schilling: “Certificate confirms our pioneering role”

Once again, the port locations of Bremen and Bremerhaven have had their environmental performance, which plays a leading role amongst the German seaports, certified by Lloyds Register in Amsterdam in accordance with the PERS (Port Environmental Review System) management standard.

“We take our responsibility for the environment seriously,” says Dr Claudia Schilling, Senator for Science and Ports.  “When it comes to planning port expansion and maintenance, ecological aspects have already played a central role for many years. One recent example was in June, when we resolved to make shore power supply widely available at the ports of Bremen. By the year 2023, eight stationary shore power supply facilities will be provided for marine shipping plus another two connections for inland shipping. Moreover, as from 2021 it will be compulsory for inland shipping to use the shore power connections that are already available. In that respect, PERS is an excellent instrument for helping the ports to implement an environmental management programme in line with the recommendations of the European Seaports Organisation. As the largest German seaports with environmental certification, Bremen and Bremerhaven thus confirm their pioneering role as sustainable ports.”

“We are both proud and pleased to present our outstanding environmental performance to the public for the fifth time,” says bremenports Managing Director Robert Howe. “I am delighted that everyone involved has proved the quality of Bremen’s ports in this area of work, too. The certification process was conducted by bremenports in cooperation with Bremen’s port authority, the Senate Department for the Environment and the Senate Department for the Ports. Howe adds, “This collaborative approach is essential for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and for ensuring the future viability of the ports of Bremen, also in terms of their economic performance.”

One of the key elements of the certification procedure is the Environmental Report 2020, the publication of which once again proves the high level of transparency with which the ports communicate their endeavours to deliver optimum environmental performance. In addition to updated environmental key performance indicators, the Environmental Report also contains detailed information about the legal and political environmental requirements.

The topic of “Air quality” remains an important aspect, both for the port management company in terms of its own fleet of vessels and automobiles, and also for the business enterprises located at the ports. A special programme launched by the Senator for the Environment, Mobility, Urban Development and Housing to measure the emissions of cruise vessels came to the conclusion that there is no evidence that cruise liners have any significant effect on the air quality in Bremerhaven outside the port area in terms of the annual average for the pollutant categories particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. Tests conducted by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency revealed that the ports of Bremen achieve 99 per cent compliance with European legislation on the use of low-sulphur fuel in shipping, which means that the limits for air pollutants can be observed to protect the health of everyone. These examples not only highlight the consistent monitoring of environmental aspects, but are also proof of the good cooperation with stakeholders at the ports.

The ports of Bremen also make their mark with examples from practical situations. In cooperation with the Institute for Energy and Recycling at Bremen University of Applied Sciences, a waste balance sheet was drawn up for the “Überseehafen” port district in Bremerhaven to serve as a basis for the development of recycling schemes. Harmonised guidelines for the treatment of waste water from ships are to be prepared for the Federal Land of Bremen to support the work of the competent institutions and staff at local level. bremenports also won the NordWest Award 2020 presented by the North-West Metropolitan Region for its project entitled “The carbon-neutral port of Bremen/Bremerhaven”.

The Environmental Report 2020 and a brochure with information about environmental management at the ports are available at www.bremenports.de and www.greenports.de.