01 June 2017

Shipping company EUKOR and car carrier “Morning Lisa” received greenports award 2016

Already for the third time bremenports handed out its “greenports Awards”. The prize for the most eco- friendly seagoing vessel calling at the ports of Bremen/Bremerhaven in 2015, went to the car carrier “Morning Lisa”. The vessel belongs to the EUKOR Car Carriers fleet, a regular guest at the auto terminal in Bremerhaven, which also has been awarded for being the most environmentally friendly fleet.

The winner was selected based on the Environmental Ship Index (ESI). The index is used to classify ships according to their emission levels.
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ESI index measures the amount of nitrogen- and sulphur dioxides
The environmental ship index, which measures emissions of nitrogen-, sulfur- and CO2 emissions was initiated by the World port climate initiative together with the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Le Havre, Hamburg and Amsterdam. In January 2012 it has been registered as an environmental room fee in Bremen’s harbour fees. Since then, shipping lines calling at the ports of Bremen with particularly eco- friendly vessels are rewarded with discounts on habour fees. In 2015, 45 ships calling 76 times at Bremerhaven have received an appropriate discount.

EUKOR succeeds with low sulphured fuel and low-NOx engines
This year bremenports CEO Robert Howe handed out the award to Captain Gyeong Sig Lee. The approximately 230 metres long and 32 metres wide vessel with a capacity of over 8000 car equivalent units (CEU) navigates between Europe and Asia. Terje Yttersian, General Manager of EUKOR for Europe, gladly accepted the dual award.

Press release (in German language):

Umweltpreis der bremischen Häfen geht an die Reederei EUKOR und ihr Autotransportschiff „Morning Lisa“

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