greenports award

The annual “greenports awards” in the categories “Ship with the lowest emissions” and “Fleet with the lowest emissions” are presented  to particularly eco-friendly vessels or shipping companies that call at the ports of Bremen.

The winners of the greenports awards are calculated on the basis of the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) scores from the previous year. To qualify for a greenports award, the most eco-friendly vessel or the shipping company with the most eco-friendly fleet has to call at the ports of Bremen several times. This condition was introduced as a token of appreciation for regular users of the ports compared with vessels which call only once. In addition to the public award ceremony, bremenports also symbolically offsets the carbon emissions caused by the winning vessel during one call at the port. The voluntary climate protection payment depends on the emission level and gives shipowners an opportunity to offset the climate impact of shipping until such time as the fleets can be changed over to clean propulsion systems.


Discount system for vessels with low emissions

By using the Environmental Ship Index (ESI), an international standard which was developed in cooperation with other North-West range ports as part of the World Port Climate Initiative and is continually developed in line with changing legal requirements, the ports of Bremen offer an incentive for shipping to deploy vessels that are more environmentally friendly than required by law. Bremen’s Schedule of Port Charges has granted an ESI discount since 2012 and a further discount for the use of LNG and methanol was introduced in 2016. Further information about the level of these discounts is available on our website.