07 January 2019

Greenports awards goes to container vessels

In 2018, the ports of Bremen presented environmental awards to the MSC and Yang Ming shipping companies

In December 2018, the ports of Bremen presented their greenports awards for the fifth time – and this time, the two environmental awards went to container shipping: container vessel MSC Anzu operated by the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) was the most eco-friendly seagoing vessel that called at the Bremen/Bremerhaven port group six times in 2017.

The award is presented to Stefan Cordes of Yang Ming

Of all the vessels that called at the ports several times during the course of 2017, the MSC Anzu achieved the best ESI score of 51.4 points. ESI stands for Environmental Ship Index, a standardised scoring system which classifies vessels according to their emissions.

A total of four ships operated by the Yang Ming shipping company, which is based in Keelung City, Taiwan, made it into the “Top Ten” for 2017. The Yang Ming ships that called at the ports of Bremen achieved an average ESI of 43.5. Nine of the ten vessels with the lowest emissions this year were container vessels.

bremenports Managing Director Robert Howe presented the award on board an MSC ship to Captain Kamran Ahmed and another representative of the company.

Hubert Hoffmann, IT Director at MSC for Bremen/Bremerhaven and Hamburg, was delighted to win the award. The MSC Anzu owes its good ESI score to the improvement in energy efficiency that it achieved in 2017 combined with its use of low-sulphur fuel. The MSC Anzu engines also achieved good nitrogen oxide scores thanks to their efficient combustion and because they can also run on on-shore power supply. This year, the Top Ten vessels included three MSC ships.

bremenports Managing Director Robert Howe and Kamran Ahmed, Captain of the MSC Anzu

bremenports Managing Director Howe also pointed out that the introduction of the ESI and the discount system for particularly eco-friendly ships has proved successful on an international scale: almost 50 ports worldwide meanwhile take part in the scheme. They are free to design their own individual bonus programmes. In 2017, 38% of all the vessels calling at Bremen and Bremerhaven already had an ESI score.” Howe believes that this trend in maritime shipping is a clear indication that shipping companies have now realised the importance of environmental protection.

In addition to presentation of the award as public recognition for the shipping companies, bremenports also contributes to “atmosfair” to compensate for the carbon emissions of the winning vessel during one call at the ports. atmosfair is an organisation that actively promotes climate protection by compensating for greenhouse gases in the form of renewable energy. The climate protection payments are voluntary and based on the emissions. They are used, for example, to promote the use of renewable energy sources in countries where this is still rare; this involves developing countries in particular. bremenports sets this example to show that it is also possible to neutralise individual port calls and thus make an initial step towards the decarbonisation of shipping.

v.l.n.r. Robert Howe, Kapitän Kamran Ahmed, Jasmin Quensell (MSC), Hubert Hoffmann (MSC), Katja Pape und der Chief Officer Arunraj Palayattil