04 June 2015

International Environmental Award: Bronze for bremenports

Environmental award for the port management company bremenports: on Thursday, (4 June 2015), Managing Director Robert Howe accepted the Bronze Medal of the “Port Environmental Award 2015” at the international port conference in Hamburg. The International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH) presented the award for Bremen’s ecological pilot project “LNG hopper barge”. On placing the order for this working vessel, which will be built at a Dutch shipyard in the second half of the year, the planning engineers at bremenports are breaking new ground when it comes to reducing the port’s carbon footprint.

“This award motivates us to make an even greater effort to achieve more sustainability and improve climate protection in our port operations,” said Howe in Hamburg. He stated that the use of energy from renewable sources at the port was still in its infancy and had to be significantly expanded. “The ports should not be part of the problem, but part of the solution. The best energy of all is energy that is not consumed in the first place.”

The new vessel, which was commissioned by bremenports in January 2015, will be the first hopper barge in the world to have an environmentally friendly LNG (liquefied natural gas) propulsion system. Only around 65 LNG-powered vessels exist to date. The total cost of the 70.50 metre long working vessel will amount to approx. EUR 4.9 million. The European Commission will provide funding of up to EUR 1.65 million towards the project.

The new barge is part of the “greenports” strategy rolled out by bremenports a few years ago, which is aimed at limiting the impact of Bremen’s ports on climate change. In 2008, Bremen’s government signed the “World Ports Climate Declaration” in which it and many other ports pledged to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their maritime operations and thus make an active contribution towards environmental and climate protection.


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