28 May 2017

LEP – Bremen and Lower Saxony are testing a new lighting technology

To reach the full energy efficieny potential of port illumination, Bremen and Lower Saxony have launched a new cooperation project. The partners bremenports, Niedersachsenports, JadeWeserPort and BLG compare different lamps in a pilot study and examine their applicability in ports. The project is puplicly sponsored by the Metropolregion Nordwest.

Light Emitting Plasma Technology promises electricity savings of up to 80%
In addition to conventional light sources such as sodium vapor lamps and LEDs, we will test LEP luminaires. LEP stands for “Light Emitting Plasma” – a new innovative technology in Europe to produce energy-efficient light. Its light spectrum is very similar to that of daylight, and promises at high lighting levels energy savings of up to 80% compared to conventional light sources.

Test tracks at four locations in Bremen and Bremerhaven
In total, four different locations in Bremen and Lower Saxony ports have been selected for the test purposes. In addition to the use on high-altitude masts with a light spot height of 40m, LEP lamps will be used on masts with a maximum height of 12m, both in lock and in custom areas.

The project is supported by various partners from the business world, by authorities and also by the University of Applied Sciences Bremen. Photometric investigations and a study on insect-friendliness accompany the project. It will be completed by the end of 2018.

Project Partners

Press Release (German language)

Hafenkooperation: Bremen und Niedersachsen testen LEP-Technologie

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Metropolregion Nordwest

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