30 December 2014

NTB takes delivery of new generation Van Carriers

NOx emission reduced by 50 % Particulate reduced by 90%. Today, North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven takes delivery of yet another Van Carrier out of the new generation from TEREX

“Our entire crew is excited by the new Van Carriers. They are a major investment in our future. The TEREX carriers are also a major step forward in terms of CO2 emission. They reduce the NOx emission by 50 %”, states Jan Gelderland Managing Director of North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven. “Environment plays an important role in our business decisions. We worked hard on our Environmental Certification under ISO 50001 and we were proud that we obtained the certification the 31st of May, 2013. This is a major recognition of our organization that worked hard to qualify for this audited system.”

“Emission reduction played a major role in the decision to purchase the TEREX Van Carriers. We have a win-win situation here: We do something for the environment and save fuel at the same time. Further, TEREX Van Carriers have a very low noise emission. This is important for our neighbors”, according to Gelderland. ”We need speed and reliability to serve the ever increasing vessel sizes that our customers have in service or ordered. We are very proud to be in the Triple E service rotation. We worked the Maersk Mc Kinney Møller with a capacity of 18.500 TEU and met the service requirements. This can only be done with motivated experienced personnel. We have an excellent and well trained crew. Also reliable Van Carriers play a major role in the service delivery to our customers. In 2013 North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven will handle over 3.300.000 TEU.”

“At the end of January 2014 NTB will have 16 brand new TEREX Carriers in their fleet of 90 Van Carriers. We continue to invest in our future and renew our equipment. 2014 we enter into our 15th year of operation and we are prepared for the future” concludes Gelderland.

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