11 June 2020

Senator Schilling congratulates bremenports on NordWest Award

“Systematically pursuing the goal of a climate-neutral port”

The port management company bremenports has won the NordWest Award 2020 for its project entitled “The climate neutral port of Bremen/Bremerhaven”. The award is presented by North-West Metropolitan Region and comes with prize money of 10,000 euros. Dr Claudia Schilling, Senator for Science and Ports, was delighted at this achievement: “Here in the Federal Land of Bremen, sustainability is a central element of our port policies. This award is the well-deserved reward for more than a decade of commitment to sustainability on the part of our port management company. My sincere thanks and congratulations go to bremenports.”

The ports of Bremen have already succeeded in reducing their carbon footprint by 70 per cent compared with 2011 and are determined to continue this trend. Schilling commented, “With its latest ‘SHARC’ project, implemented in cooperation with Siemens, various business enterprises at the port, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Technische Universität Berlin and the Institute for Recycling at Bremen University of Applied Sciences, bremenports has fully and effectively paved the way for the next steps towards becoming a carbon-neutral port. This is a path that has to be systematically followed.”

One of the central tasks for the future will be to support the transformation of shipping by offering appropriate infrastructure, such as equipping further berths with shore power facilities. Schilling stated, “In the past, Bremen has equipped virtually all the berths for smaller vessels, such as barges, tugboats, service and government vessels, with shore power connections. The next step will be to provide shore power for research shipping at Fischereihafen and for container, ro-ro and cruise ships at selected points in Überseehafen. These concrete development plans are currently being finalised with the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, which provides the funding, and will then be submitted as a resolution proposal to the competent political bodies.” There are also plans to strengthen Bremen’s terminal railway in order to raise the already impressively high modal share of eco-friendly rail traffic. “All of this,” said the Senator, “shows that the pioneering role played by the ports of Bremen that has led to the NordWest Award will be consistently developed in future.”

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