10 June 2017

Environmental Ship Index (ESI) undergoes further development

Representatives from Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Le Havre, Amsterdam, Bremen/Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Gothenburg and the Panama Canal met in Bremen from 7 to 9 June to discuss the further development of the ESI. This system, which was developed under the overall responsibility of the International Association for Ports and Harbours (IAPH) (http://environmentalshipindex.org/Public/Home) enables seagoing vessels to be classified in terms of their exhaust gas emissions (NOx, SOx, PM, CO2).

The delegates were pleased to note the growing acceptance and use of the ESI: as at 1 April 2017, 5497 vessels had already been registered in the system and 50 providers (mainly ports) now grant specific benefits, such as discounts on the port charges, on the basis of these figures.

Representatives of shipping companies also took this opportunity to submit their own suggestions. At the end of the workshop, the delegates were full of praise and gratitude when they bade farewell to Fer. M.J. van der Laar, the ESI Administrator to date.

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