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Facts & Figures 2019: USA is again the strongest trade partner Published on 07 April 2020

Joint Press Release by The Senator for Science and Ports and bremenports

Facts & Figures 2019: USA is again the strongest trade Partner

A look at the past shows how the importance of the ports has grown over the last 50 years: from a figure of 23 million tons that were handled at the ports of Bremen in 1970, the volume had risen to almost 70 million tons by the year 2019. One thing that stands out is the enormous increase at the port facilities in Bremerhaven: from a level of just 7.7 million tons that crossed the quays there in 1970, throughput has meanwhile risen by 50 million tons (57.2 million tons). Despite the rapid development at its twin port, the ports in the city of Bremen have not lost any of their significance. Cargo throughput in the city of Bremen has remained more or less constant over the decades and now amounts to a good 12 million tons.

The above data comes from Facts & Figures 2019, which has now been published by the Senator for Science and Ports and the port management company bremenports and provides detailed information about ship traffic and cargo throughput at the ports of Bremen.

Dr Claudia Schilling, Senator for Science and Ports, states, “These figures clearly show that the ports have become increasingly important for the economy of the Federal Land of Bremen, where every fifth job is meanwhile dependent on the ports. Accordingly, one of the central tasks facing us especially at this time is to upgrade our infrastructure in line with demand to ensure that our port facilities remain competitive.”

Some highlights from port business in 2019:


One complete chapter of Facts & Figures is dedicated to port infrastructure. bremenports is responsible for the development and maintenance of this infrastructure, which includes 71 kilometres of waterfront structures, 192 kilometres of railway tracks and almost 100 kilometres of roads, as well as 5 locks, 4 movable bridges and 92 berths for seagoing vessels. Robert Howe, Managing Director of bremenports, comments: “The quality of our infrastructure creates the conditions that enable our ports to offer outstanding productivity. Even in times of crisis, we can promise shipping fast and reliable cargo handling.”

You can download the full version of Facts & Figures at https://bremenports.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/2019_Hafenspiegel_.pdf.


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