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Time for new thinking and action

Our strategy for protecting the environment

Global warming, climate change and rising sea levels are evolving into a global megatrend. All of these are factors which will decide our future and which play an increasingly important role in the day-to-day challenge of striking the right balance between successful business, social responsibility and sensible ecological policies. The time has long since come for a change in our way of thinking and acting.

The port management company bremenports already responded to this problem back in 2009 when it developed a greenports sustainability initiative especially for the ports of Bremen and Bremerhaven. The target was to design projects which will enable private enterprise and the public sector in the twin-city state to promote marine environment protection – as it, too, deserves a fair chance.

But even before this sustainability initiative was drawn up, marine environment protection already played a central and constant role throughout all our work at bremenports. Over the course of our major quay and lock construction projects, our port and environmental planning engineers have accumulated a wealth of experience. They think in holistic terms and, in addition to the infrastructure itself, also create valuable ecological substitute sites. We are also constantly endeavouring to enhance our internal workflows to satisfy environmental criteria.

With the help of our colleagues, we are continuously developing new projects which help to promote the concept of sustainability, so that we can continue to enjoy the many benefits of our planet for a long time to come.

For more detailed information about the sustainability initiatives of Bremen’s ports, click here to access our “greenports” website.