Work-life balance bremenport's family-oriented personnel policy

Career, family, health Three central pillars at bremenports

As an innovative company, ensuring that our employees have the opportunity to combine career and a family is a focal point of our daily work: a sensible balance of both aspects is crucial if our employees are to remain healthy and effective at the workplace. Good health is also essential for employees to cope with a career and a family simultaneously.

To help our colleagues harmonise their private lives and working conditions as well as possible and to protect and improve their health over the long term, we provide the framework for a corporate policy which consistently focuses on family and health.

Career and Family Audit Certificate

We have already achieved many of our goals by pulling together as a team. For instance, in 2005 we were one of the first German business enterprises to obtain the national certificate “Career and Family Audit” from the non-profit Hertie Foundation. Since then, we have gradually completed various certification stages and have meanwhile reached the highest possible audit Level.