Professional knowledge bremenports as a future-oriented employer

HR development Equipped to face all challenges - the HR development concept 2020

Port construction, operations and maintenance are technically demanding sectors. The success of our company therefore depends to a great extent on the skills and expertise of our workforce. One of the targets of our HR development policy is to preserve professional knowledge and ensure the transfer of know-how to the next generation. Individual promotion schemes for our employees, systematic succession planning and recruiting skilled workers and executives for the future are other important aspects.

Open communication for motivation

Our HR development concept is geared to the changing requirements and life phases of our employees. This is evident from personnel policies which are both family-friendly and designed to promote our employees’ health. Frank and open communications, team meetings and annual employee appraisals all help to boost staff motivation and ensure that our employees identify with the company. In the interests of attracting new recruits, we attend trade fairs and other events where we showcase bremenports as an attractive employer with a wide range of career opportunities.