Take social responsibility Our personal concern

One for all and all for one Integration and support for people with disabilities

One of our central concerns is to assume corporate social responsibility and give the severely disabled the chance of a career. That is why people with a severe disability make up roughly 10 per cent of the workforce at bremenports – a figure which is deliberately far higher than the legally prescribed share.

To ensure that this stays the case, as part of our activities to promote the rehabilitation and participation of disabled persons, the management, works council and disabled employees’ representatives have signed an integration agreement which is intended to improve the integration and employment situation of the disabled staff at the company on a continuous and sustainable basis.

Focussing on personal development

The principal task of our disabled employees’ representatives is the integration of severely disabled persons into our company and therefore into our day-to-day work. These representatives look after the interests of all our severely disabled colleagues and are there to provide practical help and advice at all times. They also monitor compliance with the applicable laws, regulations, collective agreements, in-house agreements, employment contracts and administrative orders and make sure that the employer satisfies its obligation of employing severely disabled persons.

But the main focus for us is the personal development of all employees, which is why we endorse all activities that are aimed at promoting each individual employee in the daily working environment.