Bremenports Hafeneisenbahn
600 switches and more than 200 km of track the terminal railway in Bremen and Bremerhaven

Terminal railway Powerful connections

Thanks to their traditional connections with the railway, Bremen’s ports have well-developed railway infrastructure which meanwhile has a total track length of 183 km. With stations in Bremerhaven, Bremen Grolland and Bremen inland port, the terminal railway serves as an efficient interface between the hinterland and the transhipment terminals. The industrial through tracks which run to the freight village and Hemelingen also link up Bremen’s freight village (GVZ Bremen) and Hansalinie Bremen industrial park with the national rail network.

Planning, maintenance and development

Efficient rail services are a crucial factor for the attractiveness of Bremen/Bremerhaven as a port and logistics location. The track infrastructure is therefore continuously being upgraded to cope with the sustained increase in traffic volumes that has been forecast for the coming years. Up to the year 2020, the focus will be on expanding the interim stabling capacities for the automobile and container terminals in Bremerhaven.

The Senator of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports represents the municipality of Bremen in its capacity as the public rail infrastructure company, “Bremische Hafeneisenbahn“. The planning, maintenance and construction of new infrastructure is the responsibility of bremenports GmbH & Co. KG, acting on behalf of the Federal Land of Bremen. DB Netz AG is entrusted with operational management of the service facilities.

Further information about Bremen’s terminal railway is provided on our location page.