port charges Smooth and timely billing

Port charges Guidance and investment protection

Continuous investments in the maintenance and demand-driven development of the ports of Bremen are essential to keep them competitive and technically up-to-date. The public charges levied for use of the ports make a major contribution to the funds available for these investments. The legal basis is specified in the Schedule of Port Charges for the ports of Bremen, which is adjusted as necessary. Every single vessel that calls at Bremen’s ports is obliged to pay these charges, which are calculated on the basis of the vessel’s size (gross tonnage, gt), a variable basic charge, the vessel type and the trade area.

Smooth and timely processing

The Senator of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports has commissioned bremenports with levying and collecting the port charges. We ensure smooth and prompt billing of the ships calling at Bremen and Bremerhaven. We also capture the data required for ongoing development of the ports and advise the political actors and other parties involved in the ports about questions of port charges.

Here you can find the Schedule of Port Charges and the Port Charges Calculator.