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Ports of Bremen launch charm offensive: Published on 05 September 2019

Logistics Talk visits Leipzig and Bielefeld

What is it that makes the ports of Bremen a good partner for the economy in the hinterland? This question was the focal point of two events that bremenports recently invited customers to attend in Leipzig and Bielefeld. Chaired by Hilke Theessen, a journalist from Radio Bremen, representatives of Bremen’s port business discussed the claims made by the twin ports on the River Weser. Jan Zobel, member of the Management Board of Heuer Logistics, summed up the essence of the lively discussion: “The port business in Bremen is dependable, cosmopolitan and professional and the actors deal fairly with their customers at all times.”

The importance of close cooperation with the customer was also emphasised by Lüder Korff, Managing Director of Kloosterboer BLG Coldstore, a company which specialises in the cold storage of fish products in Bremerhaven. “Customer relations are the most important criterion for business success in a fiercely competitive market.”

In Leipzig, Robert Howe, Managing Director of bremenports, stressed the special strengths of the ports of Bremen: “Bremerhaven is the most productive port in Europe. We can offer exactly the right infrastructure for all the relevant cargo segments. What’s more, as a railway terminal, we boast the shortest hinterland links to the coast.” He also highlighted the importance of the twin ports on the Weser for the economic region of Saxony: “Leipzig is a boomtown in a class of its own – and logistics play a central role. That is why we are planning a significant expansion of our marketing activities in the region. Saxony is a hinterland of steadily growing importance for our ports.”

Prior to the evening event, an afternoon symposium had been held on the subject of foreign trade. The audience showed a keen interest in the presentation given by Moritz Bolte from the German Academy of Foreign Trade and Transport on the advantages of Bremerhaven’s free port.

bremenports hosted the Logistics Talk in Bielefeld in cooperation with the Westphalian regional group of the German Logistics Federation BVL. After an introductory paper on “The effects of the new IMO 2020” by Dennis Predöhl, Commercial Director, MSC Germany, members of the business community in Westphalia discussed the current challenges from the point of view of a seaport with representatives of Bremen’s port industry. The focus was on the accessibility of seaports in view of the problems with infrastructure. Sven Riekers, Managing Director of BLG Cargo Logistics, stressed that the situation for heavy goods transports in Bremen had improved significantly last year. “Thanks to substantial increases in human resources, traffic congestion is a thing of the past in Bremen. In fact, we actually lead the field in the whole of Germany.”

It was also pointed out during the discussion that the electrification of the terminal railway at Kaiserhafen in Bremerhaven had led to a further improvement in quality. The new port tunnel currently under construction in Bremerhaven will provide a direct link to the container terminal without any road junctions in the near future.



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