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27 January 2020

Inland shipping make transport chains greener

What potential does inland shipping have as a sustainable transport mode? bremenports invited nine Marine Transport and Port Management students to investigate this topic as...

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04 December 2019

10 years since launch of “greenports” sustainability strategy

The ports of Bremen have significantly improved their carbon footprint. Over the last eight years, they succeeded in reducing emissions by 70 per Cent......

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26 November 2019

Strong partners in southern Germany

Roughly one fifth of the container traffic that leaves Germany via Bremen comes from Bavaria, which means that the country’s southernmost state is the most...

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11 November 2019

Succesful customer event in Stuttgart

After a break of several years, the event staged in Stuttgart on Thursday evening for customers......

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08 November 2019

bremenports launches campaign in the port hinterland

The ports of Bremen are intensifying their lobbying activities in the west and south of Germany......

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07 November 2019

Bremerhaven’s Überseehafen as a model district for 100 per cent renewable energy supply

The vision of a carbon-neutral port is taking shape – and the key to making this vision become reality is SHARC......

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