Current news reports about bremenports


06 March 2020

Shipping oberserves air pollution control regulations

As a rule, most of the vessels calling at Bremerhaven and Bremen abide by the air pollution control regulations......

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03 March 2020

Neuer Hafen to be deepened in time for Sail

This Monday (2 March 2020), dredging will begin in Neuer Hafen in preparation for Sail......

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04 February 2020

The terminal railway at Bremen’s port is 160 years old

Statistically speaking, no other port in the world boasts a higher share of rail traffic than the ports in Bremen und Bremerhaven. Every second container...

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31 January 2020

Update of port hinterland surveys begins

What are the hinterland destinations of the containers and cars handled in Bremerhaven? Which transport modes are used for the seaborne goods that are transhipped...

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27 January 2020

Inland shipping make transport chains greener

What potential does inland shipping have as a sustainable transport mode? bremenports invited nine Marine Transport and Port Management students to investigate this topic as...

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04 December 2019

10 years since launch of “greenports” sustainability strategy

The ports of Bremen have significantly improved their carbon footprint. Over the last eight years, they succeeded in reducing emissions by 70 per Cent......

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