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Succesful customer event in Stuttgart Published on 11 November 2019

Succesful customer event in Stuttgart

After a break of several years, the event staged in Stuttgart on Thursday evening for customers of the ports of Bremen was an overwhelming success. Around 100 visitors had accepted bremenports’ invitation to attend the Logistics Talk, which once again took the form of a facilitated panel discussion. Chaired by Radio Bremen journalist Hilke Theessen, the panel consisted of Sven Riekers (BLG Cargo), Dieter Kanning (Friedrich Tiemann GmbH & Co. KG), bremenports Managing Director Robert Howe as well as two guests from Baden-Württemberg, Robert Hamprecht (Heinrich Hamprecht freight forwarders) and Andrea Marongiu (Baden-Württemberg Association of Freight Forwarders and Logistics).
Bremenports Managing Director Robert Howe announced that bremenports was planning to raise its profile in this region. “In view of its strong export economy, Baden-Württemberg is an important partner for our ports. In future, we intend to be far more active here and have appointed logistics expert Christoph Kernen to act as representative of Bremen’s ports in this region. Christoph Kernen will liaise between Bremen’s port businesses and industrial players here in Baden-Württemberg.”
Amongst other things, the panel discussed the problems confronting the logistics business as a result of the extensive roadworks on the motorways. Dieter Kanning emphasised that the situation regarding permits for heavy goods transports in Bremen had meanwhile improved enormously. Applications were now dealt with in less than two weeks, the shortest period anywhere in Germany. Sven Riekers stated that it was nevertheless necessary to significantly reduce the red tape involved in obtaining transport permits on a nationwide scale. “We have to join forces and take this topic to Berlin,” commented Andrea Marongiu of Baden-Württemberg Logistics Association
Freight forwarder Rolf Hambrecht appealed to the representatives of local businesses attending the event to strengthen the competitiveness of the North Range ports.
The next Logistics Talk will take place in Munich in two weeks’ time. This year bremenports has hosted 10 of these events for its customers at venues in Germany and abroad which are of key importance for the ports.